V Dome Stories


Celia’s Story

After working for over two years on my film Orange Peel I was floundering in shallow waters. I was exhausted, frustrated and completely devoid of anything resembling a valid idea. I couldn’t sleep. I actually felt like I hadn’t slept for months. Fortunately, precisely at that moment a good friend introduced me to vdomes.com and the V Dome Delta. That first night I slept like a baby, and can happily say I have slept remarkably well every night since. Inspired by the positive and rejuvenating power of the Domes I was able to write the script and music, act, film and do the final edit in three months. Orange Peel will soon be on the festival circuits and I continue to be awestruck by how strong and creative I feel during the day.

Celia, London



Melissa’s Story

My son Jake is autistic and has special classes at school. Another mom at the school suggested I try the V Dome Delta sleep aid and I’m so very glad I did. I now think many of Jake’s problems come from lack of sleep, because after setting up the Domes around his bed the mornings were much easier and he was a lot less tired and more communicative after school. After a month his teacher called us in to say he was doing so well that if the progress continues he might be able to join a regular class in the fall. His social skills had improved dramatically and Jake had been elected president of his fourth grade class.  Every mother with a special needs child knows I had tears in my eyes right then. We’ve had a few minor setbacks, but of all the things we have tried to help Jake the V Dome Delta has proven to be the best by far. He definitely sleeps better and is more involved with family activities. From my heart I recommend that every parent with a special child consider trying the V Dome Delta sleep aid.

Melissa, San Raphael


Jason’s Story


I own a boutique hotel in San Francisco and was intrigued by the ratings and great reviews of the V Dome Delta I found online. Being in the hospitality business it’s critical that our guests get the best night’s sleep they can. I decided to buy a set for myself to test first and was impressed how easy it was for me to get to sleep.  I had very interesting dreams and woke up refreshed.  I slept so deeply that 6 hours seemed like 8. The Domes had passed their first test so I  gave them to a regular customer who comes the the City every month on business. Her report was also extremely positive. She slept much better and felt alert and confident for her meetings. She also said that the hotel staff was more cordial and her room more inviting. I have now placed V Dome Deltas in my best 10 rooms and promote them on my website to prospective guests. These rooms are now booked out a year.  It has turned out to be the most cost-effective marketing plan I ever had.

Jason, San Francisco



Linda’s Story

After I was diagnosed with cancer my life went into the basement. Hospitals, treatments, and chemotherapy left me with battered self-esteem and living very much alone. I was unable to sleep more than thirty minutes at a time. It’s hard to love life when you feel groggy and drugged all the time. I think it was just my will that kept me going, because my brain could find all sorts of reasons to give up. In one of my darker hours a neighbor showed up at the front door with a V Dome Delta. She said it would help me sleep and showed me how to set it up. I swear I slept better that night than I have in years. In a few days I was redecorating the house and shopping for new clothes. I actually found myself humming tunes as I went out on errands, and the biggest surprise was that a beau that disappeared a year ago suddenly appeared with a car for me. It was an old Camry, but now I had wheels! Better sleep means a better life! The V Dome Delta was the best gift I ever received. After I got my happy old self into gear things got better every day. My boyfriend says I look five years younger. He supports my fight against cancer and we make a point to celebrate something every day and something every night in the V Domes.

Linda, Beaverton



Timothy’s Story

I was given a V Dome Delta by my sister and at first I was really too distracted to pay much attention to them, other than they looked interesting. We were going through a downturn and layoffs and I was not in the best of moods. I had a bad case of insomnia. I did, however, remember to set the V Domes up around my bed. What happened that night and the next morning has changed my life. I normally have to read an hour before I can fall asleep, but that night I was out before I opened the cover. I can truthfully say that was the best night’s sleep I have ever had. With dreams like movies full of action and positive emotions. I think maybe I fell in love with one of the characters in those dreams, or maybe it was a construct of women I’d loved years before. When I woke it was like waking into a fresh new world. I rushed to the phone and called twenty friends telling them I loved them and how much I valued their presence in my life. A new woman entered my life three days later and I don’t doubt it was because of the Domes. I called out and my request was answered. I’ll never take sleeping pills again.

Timothy, Santa Cruz