My Omicron

The VDome Omicron moves things.
But not necessarily to what I thought they would. Not to what I was paying attention.
The VDomes seem to move things that are difficult to communicate, describe or express;
things like love, honor, respect, compassion, joy, vulnerability etc.
Since I have slept and worked within the VDomes I am able to respond to the world with resilience,vitality, hope, joy and in a loving kind of way. I have become more wondrous, more curious, more child-like, free and gentle. In the intellectual area, the ideas and creativity flow and erupt like an active volcano. In the emotional area, the joy comes because I have enough physical energy to experience, express and enjoy my own surprising and delightful responses. Perhaps the VDomes enlarge the capacity to pay attention to the larger picture, and the smaller details of life, as well as the knowing it is the self (myself) and the will (my will) that is the driving force. It is such a joy to feel the bonding to myself and sovereignty I feel as I direct my will, paying attention all the while. The VDomes made that possible.
Because of my presence in the VDomes I have felt safer, so I have risked more of myself in areas I have been fearful. I have surprised myself with the peace and calm I have had when trying new things. They just feel like “the next step” without all the back chatter of my mind and emotions.
Also, since being present in the VDomes, dormant yearnings for parts of myself, my gifts, my dreams have come to life and been given expression. It is an effervescence that percolates to the surface. It has surprised and delighted me. I had almost forgotten those parts of myself.
I have gotten to view myself in a whole new way with self confidence, resilience, focus, and the energy to move through whatever adversity, challenge or sudden jolt that might come my way. I have a peaceful, nourished center within me now that roots itself in loving.
I know it.
I feel it.
And I sense it.
It is delicious.
The VDome Omicron and the Contemplations, have enabled me to live from the truth that links us all to love. Because of the flow I feel within the VDomes my daily participation in life seems to influence the outcome of love by breathing loving with the everyday people I come in contact.
They feel it. And don’t know why they feel good when we are together.
I feel it, and watch it transform the cacophony of all that love is not. It is akin to watching a sunrise or a flower bloom before your very eyes, or see a new baby kitten being born. It is exquisite.
The VDomes made that possible for me. The VDomes birthed me into the flow of loving. I bathe in it everyday. Living feels blissful. My will allows that loving creative energy to bubble up and out of me into the flow of that common vortex we all share that flows the one thing we all have in common: Loving.
The results of having lived within the VDomes are difficult to describe without sounding ethereal or elusive, even ungrounded. But nothing is further from the truth. The results are tangible and very noticeable in the people that have come and gone since being in the VDomes. The parasitic have left, or perhaps they are more interested in the cacophony than the loving.The creative have appeared. The energy draining thoughts and activities have also dropped away replacing themselves with productive, creative, fun choices and experiences that enhance the best of me and the best of others.
For some reason I feel safer in a world that has become less safe. I think because I really am safe with loving rushing through my veins. There is something in me that forms that field now. And the “in love” feeling is bigger that the attachment to any one person. It is feeling love for myself. It goes where I go, mirroring love back and forth to people, animals and the nature around me. It is so ecstatic to feel love in this way without it being attached to any one person.
Since living in the VDomes I think more about what I do, say, feel and think, and how it will impact and effect the all of us. I am a lot less petty, self absorbed and myopic. Many times, now, I cannot understand how wasteful humans are with their attention, with their will, or even how wasteful I myself have been with the effervescence of life I have within myself, and how I have taken it for granted, it’s stark gorgeous beauty.
The VDomes have made me bigger-my heart, my thoughts, my experiences. I find it hard, even painful to contract and compact myself into the mundane, ugly, and petty, even though I am exposed to it every day.
But there is no going back.
I am more happy now than I have ever been in my life.
The VDomes are a gift that allows us to cut through to our true core, with direct access to our unique will, in a loving way, that makes it easy to remember who we always are.
It is not the cost of the VDome Omicron that should make one hesitate.
It is the responsibility that one will have to carry the loving flow forward and do something wonderful with it. If one is not up to the task to move the flow of love forward, they are not a candidate for living within the VDomes. If one prefers the noise and diversion that is everything but love, they also are not a candidate for living within the VDomes.
Because there is a responsibility to this essence.
The VDomes are not for the impotent.
The VDomes are not for the collector.
The VDomes not for the healer or those wanting another tool for the medicine chest.
The VDomes are active, vital and living breathing energy. The passive will find it more difficult to hold themselves in stagnation that flow. It will wear themselves out.
So enter the flow of the VDomes with full volition and certainty. There is no going back. It is not for the weak, the timid or the seeker, it is for the true of heart that want to remember.
Dr. A. Boxer
Los Angeles, California