History Of The V Domes


Within a year of the discovery of voletic energy by Western Way Institute scientists in 2011 WWI introduced the V Dome Omicron which produced a significant spacetime anomaly and provided successful applications in meditation, healing, spirituality and psychic defense.  While the V Dome Omicron became universally known through a nationally syndicated radio talk show WWI as a matter of policy maintained a rigorous policy of qualification and access. Until we had fully investigated the range and depth of the Omicron’s capabilities we didn’t want it to end up in the wrong hands.

From 2011 to 2016 WWI sold the V Dome Omicron to qualified buyers for $3000, until one party resold it to a well-known government technology development agency for $28000. At this point we took the Omicron off market to stop speculation.

We have seen spectacular recent development that produces a massive spacetime anomaly, a space that enables the owner to maximize power over the flow of past and future events.  The V Dome Omicron is intended for those few who find economic, political and social power insufficient–for those few free spirits that delete the dogmas of science and religion to  manifest the highest possible applications of individual will.

We currently have three sets of the V Dome Omicron priced at $9,000. each. In March 2021 the price will be $1400. You must qualify to purchase.

For availability and details on qualifications call 503 567 1908.